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January 23, 2022

Win At Leeds, Saudi Trip

Reaction to the 1-0 win at Leeds United and the Club's Trip to Saudi Arabia during the Premier League winter break.

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4.50PM Thursday 7th October 2021 "Our understanding is that shares from St James' Park Holdings (Mike Ashley's Company) have been transferred to Amanda Staveley Consortium"

And the rest, as they say, is history!

Cue massive celebrations amongst United fans as thousands headed for the cathedral on the hill for a party.

Mike Ashley had gone. 14 wasted years had finally come to an end. 14 years of the club being run like a sports shop with costs and expenditure cut to the bone. 14 years of a plan that was just about surviving in the Premier League and nothing else. 14 years of no ambition, no hope, no communication, nothing, just pain, frustration and anger.

It's only two days later - yet already we can see how different life is going to be under the new owners. Amanda Staveley seems to have been everywhere, meeting fans, talking to the media and communicating more in just two days than the previous regime did in 14 years.

The atmosphere amongst fans is electric. Words like hope and optimism are being freely used and there are big big smiles on every face I see.

And that's before we even talk about the money. Newcastle United have just become the richest football club on the planet due to the power of the Saudi PIF who nown own 80% of the club.

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September 27, 2021

Winter Is Coming

What's gannin on at Newcastle United? Fans Podcast

Just who ARE we going to beat?

If we can't get a win from teams like these, what chance do we have when we come up against Sky TV's so-called "big six"?

Are we already looking down the throat of relegation even this early in the season

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This podcast is No5 in our series "What's Gannin On?" A response to the Man Utd result and the reaction of fans, Steve Bruce and Sir Alan Shearer

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What's Gannin On? No4 from the United111 Podcast. Reaction to the 2-2 draw with Southampton at St James' Park.  Man of the Match Allan Saint Maximin

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Reaction to the 2-0 defeat at Aston Villa, including Man of the Match, Wally of the Match, the James Rodriguez story and the news about Terry McDermott

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What's Gannin On? Podcast 2 West Ham Reaction, Willock, Longstaff. From those nice people at

The only Podcast with a weather Forecast! 

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It's a new season, it's our first podcast of the season!

What's not to like?

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This podcast discusses the range of issues facing Newcastle United as the current season comes to an end. In particular Willock - will he go back to Arsenal? Bruce the press conference and his future, The Takeover - will it ever happen?, The Rich List & who's on it!, and Fulham a look ahead to our last game of the season.

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Newcastle United are a Premier League outfit for another season. But if we continue to be starved of resources through investment in the club and playing staff, what hope is there for the future? 

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